Discover How to Go Green for Earth Day

By reviewing your home water usage and limiting the wasted water throughout your day-to-day activities, you can achieve the ideal positive impact on the environment. In recognition of Earth Day, and to illustrate the simple changes that can make a big difference to your environmental impact, we’re highlighting several techniques for going green in your home in this post.

Choose Water Filtration Over Bottled Water

Hand holding water drop

Bottled water is now having a significant impact on our environment, both on the local and national level. Our water resources are being diminished, and plastics from the bottles are being left in landfills.

Unfortunately, the waste left in landfills will remain there until they complete the biodegradation process over several years. One of the first and most important steps you and your family can take to support the environment is to choose water filtration systems for your home.

Filtration products such as reverse osmosis systems are now ensuring safe drinking water is available from home taps throughout the country.

Consider Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon your day-to-day activities contribute to the atmosphere. It’s important to carefully consider your activities and what you can do to limit your impact.

One technique that many are now using is carpooling to work. With your colleagues, you can now take one car off the road and cut down on your fuel usage and on the amount of emissions you contribute to the atmosphere.

This not only helps safeguard the environment but also means you’ll have to complete less car maintenance as you’ll be driving half of the time you would normally.

Use Low Flow Systems

Low flow technology is revolutionizing the plumbing industry. It’s also allowing homeowners to consolidate their water costs considerably. Low flow toilets and showers use less than half the water required for traditional products.

And this can result in large water cost savings for you and your family. The latest systems are now easier than ever to install and use, and can be integrated into your home on short notice for immediate savings.

The latest innovations in plumbing can ensure you and your family cut your water costs while safeguarding local waterways over the long-term. Our team is here to bring you access to the best in-home equipment so that you can put your plans for going green into action this Earth Day.

To discover more about the full range of options available, call our Epic Plumbing experts in Pearland, Texas at (281) 815-2322.

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