Homeowner’s Guide to Having Summertime Fun While Conserving Water

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Now is your opportunity to play a role in conserving water in your community. While you should focus on ensuring your family enjoys themselves this summer season, you also have the opportunity to reduce the amount of water your family uses as they play in the sunshine.

To help guide you as you reduce your water use around the home, we’re highlighting how to have summertime fun while conserving water resources, in this latest post.

Choose Sponges Instead of Water Balloons

One of the reasons that many families waste so much water while playing in the summer sunshine is that they use water balloons to have water balloon fights. While you might not consider these balloons to hold much water, many gallons can be wasted over the course of an hour.

And so, it’s important you find an alternative to water balloons. One great option is the household sponge. Simply soak a number of sponges in water and then give them to your kids for their play fights. They can then enjoy hours of fun without wasting a significant amount of water around the home.

Play Jump Rope with the Hose

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Your home hose can be a great tool to keep your home garden looking its peak best during the dry summer months. But you can also use it during playtime with your children. Simply turn the hose on and then bring the nozzle end to one side of the lawn.

Have your kids try to jump over the water spray from the home as they stand at the other end. If you’re waiting for some rain to make your yard healthier, this can be a great way to get your kids outside and improve the lush green color of your lawn.

Play Pass the Water Balloon

Kids playing with water balloons outside

One great way to introduce water balloons to your kids’ outdoor activities this summer season is to play pass the water balloon. This game can be played by having the kids sit in a circle, and then passing them a balloon filled with water.

You can then start the music on your device, and once the music stops, the person left holding the balloon has it dropped on them by the person to their right. It’s great fun for kids of all ages! Our team is here to guide you in having lots of fun while conserving water resources this summer season.

To learn more about simple changes you can make to your plumbing system to save even more water, contact the Manvel plumbers at Epic Plumbing today. 

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