Make Clean Pipes a Priority for 2018 and Schedule Your Drain Cleaning

2018 spelled out in pipes

As a busy homeowner in Pearland, TX, it can seem like a hassle to tend to home maintenance, especially when you have so much else to do. However, certain tasks are a must because of the preventative benefits from a cost and a peace of mind standpoint.

One such home maintenance task isĀ drain cleaning. Want to improve your drain speed and save money? Here is how.

The Clog Question

Clogged Pipe

The number one benefit of drain cleaning? It keeps clogs from forming, which will cause you a problem at the least convenient time, of course.

It’s far less work to schedule a drain cleaning appointment and avoid clogs altogether than to wrestle with a plumbing snake or a plunger to get the pesky clog out.

Fresh Drains for Fresh Water

Clean water getting poured in glass

Keen to make a fresh start in 2018? A great way to do that is to get your drains cleaned out.

Even if you clean your home top to bottom, if you’ve got dirty drains, it is ultimately still dirty.

That is because the standing water in drains grows germs and bacteria. It’s also a hotbed for mold and mildew.

This is in addition to the awful smells that come from clogged drains. If you’re really serious about being better about home maintenance this year, take this opportunity to clean your home properly with drain cleaning.

Get Rid of Noises

Woman covering ears with hands

Hear that squeaking or cracking? That is being caused by water pressure in your pipes trying to make its way through a narrow passageway, made even smaller by buildup.

If you are running hot water, the sound is even worse because of the expansive pressure that heat applies.

Save Money as a Homeowner

George Washington pointing

Avoid using drain cleaners that you buy at the store to remove clogs. While they can do a decent job of returning water flow, they damage your pipes in the process.

If you use them repeatedly, your pipes could be damaged enough to need repairs or even replacement which can be very expensive.

This kind of damage will create plumbing leaks too, which is going to cause water damage and make your water bills increase. Save money with a drain cleaning. Have you ever had your drains cleaned? Ideally, to get the most benefit, you should do it annually. Signs that you are overdue are standing in the drains, a funky odor or sluggish drains. Make it a priority for 2018.

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