3 Benefits of Low Flow and Dual Flush Toilets for Homeowners

To save money while improving the performance of your home systems, it’s important to research the latest options and pinpoint appliances that can bring true and lasting value to your property. Our team can help guide you in this process.

We have years of experience guiding homeowners on the latest home systems and helping them decide which system offers the best value-for-money in their home. And in this latest post, we’ll present our guide to a new innovation in home appliances, as we review three benefits of low-flow and dual flush toilets.

1 - Low Flow Toilets Save You Money

Money in the toilet

Imagine having hundreds of dollars extra in your pocket every year. That’s one of the principal benefits of choosing the latest low-flow toilets. Low flow toilets are designed with a smaller tank and greater efficiency of water use than traditional toilets.

While traditional models use on average 3.4 gallons per flush, the leading low flow toilets only use 1.6 gallons, saving you close to 2 gallons of water per flush.

For homeowners with numerous family members in the home throughout the day, this can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings over the entire year!

2 - Low Flow Systems Help Save the Environment

In addition to saving money on water, you’ll also play a role in helping to conserve the local water resources when you choose a low flow system. Low flow toilets are designed so they don’t extract a large amount of water from the local pipes.

This means there’s more resources available for applications such as sustainable farming and ensures there’s enough water available for all residents. It’s a commitment to conservation that can help protect your local region for many years to come!

3 - Dual Flush Systems Give Users the Option

Dual flushing toilet

A dual flush unit has a regular flush mechanism and a low flow mechanism. This means that, for more difficult to flush waste, users have the option of a regular flush.

But with the low flow option available, most homeowners will be able to consolidate their water expenditure with a limited impact on home plumbing pipes!

It’s one of the latest innovations in home plumbing! To discover more about the unique benefits provided by the latest low-flow and dual flush systems in Pearland, call Epic Services team today at (281) 815-2322. We can consult with you directly and determine the optimal style of low flow system for your home.