Never Remodel Your Home Without Proper Permits!

Kitchen remodeling projects are exciting! You’re able to design a room that you love, add in all the bells and whistles, and end up with a finished product that’ll last you for years.

Until it becomes the room from your nightmares. How does this beautiful new room become the bane of your existence? Typically it happens because the plumbing isn’t installed correctly or up to code.

Or maybe the room is even finished yet and you skipped the plumbing permit which causes all kinds of issues. Keep reading for information on why obtaining a plumbing permit is the essential first step to any remodeling project!

No Licensed Professional Would Encourage It

Anyone can claim to be a plumber and know what they’re doing when it comes to bathroom remodeling projects.

Typically these ‘anyones’ are the first to tell you that a permit isn’t necessary and it’ll take too much time or money. Don’t listen to this nonsense.

Permits do cost money and might take some time, but that shouldn’t be the reason you forego getting one. Unlicensed plumbers working in your home is a recipe for disaster.

The best case scenario is that the work is satisfactory with only a few minor problems. The worst case scenario would be along the lines of a major plumbing problem like your house flooding, filing an insurance claim, and being turned down.

This is a real possibility as some homeowner’s insurance companies won’t pay out for unlicensed plumbers or work done without a permit.

You May End Up Getting Fined

The money you were trying to save by skipping the cost of a permit will end up being a major price to pay if you’re caught. Your city inspector might be nice about it and just require a fine and the money to get the permit.

He can also place a stop-work order on the job and require all additions to be removed. This removal often requires a demolition permit (which also costs money.)

Remodeling without a permit can also cost you money when you’re ready to sell. Although permits are not always legally needed, some cities require a homeowner to disclose work done without a permit. The potential buyers may decide against the home based on this simple fact.

It May Not Meet Safety Standards

Every parent’s priority is keeping their children safe. Poorly installed plumbing often leaks; leaks cause mold and mildew. Mold and mildew aren’t fun to deal with, but that’s if you know it’s there.

Mold can grow in hard to reach or see areas and end up causing allergies, asthma-related illnesses, and upper respiratory infections. Once you realize the reason for these illnesses, mold remediation is costly and ends up being completely necessary.

Spend Money to Save Money

The bottom line when it comes to kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects is this: get a permit. It costs a little bit of money but will save you huge headaches (and huge amounts of money) in the long run.

When you’re ready to select a licensed, professional plumber, call Epic Services, Inc. We’ve been around over 22 years, offer flat-rate pricing, and are so sure you’ll love us that we offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee!

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