10 Funny Plumbing Memes for 2018!

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The start of a new year is always the perfect time to sit back, relax, and reflect. When you spend so much of your day being serious and professional, it can be tough to take it easy and laugh. That’s why we decided to compile a list of our favorite plumbing memes in 2018.

Our daily routine is aimed at helping customers with all their plumbing needs, even the ones they bring on themselves with fun DIY projects. On any given week we see enough mishaps to create thousands of memes, these just happen to be the most relatable ones.

1. Ron Burgundy: Always remember - greet your plumber with an impressive gun show and keep things classy. Or just show them where that burst pipe emergency is - it might be easier.

Ron Burgundy plumbing meme

2. Plumbing War: Sometimes you can fix your plumbing, and sometimes you become a Viking and just have fun with it.

Plumbing meme with man rowing in flooded basement

3. Cooking Grease: You may be tempted - it’s pretty easy after all. But when you have a hardened grease clog in your kitchen sink - you may regret throwing that cooking grease down the drain.

Plumbing meme with kitchen sink

4. Dos XX: Remember the old adage of measure twice cut once? Well, it doesn’t apply to plumbing repairs - so be sure to get on a first name basis with your Lowe’s guy.

Plumbing meme with Dos Equis man

5. Drano Tub: What’s worse than a clogged tub? How about a yellow-stained tub? Always be sure to read the directions on your Drano before use.

Plumbing meme with person standing in tub

6. Nut Funny: What’s worse than an unfunny plumber? A nutty one - he may have a screw loose. See what we did there?

Plumbing meme with nut

7. Cutting Water: Have literally no idea what’s so funny about this? It may be time to figure out where the main water shutoff valve is in your home - you may thank us later.

Plumbing meme with man trying to cut water

8. Pool Cat: It’s just a small water leak - what’s the worst that can happen? Always be sure your pets have the best exit strategy.

Plumbing meme with cat in bucket in pool

9. Puppy Plumbers: Struggling to get into small places under your sink? You may need a helping paw, or some puppy snuggles to get the job done.

Plumbing meme with dogs under a sink and laying on plumber

10. Social Media: When you just can’t unplug, turn your whole world social! Mental health checks sold separately.

Plumbing meme with social media shower curtain

Plumbers Are There to Help!

While our meme game may be strong, we also offer some of the best plumbing services around. For homeowners in and around the League City area, Epic Plumbing. is here to help. Not only do we keep you laughing, but we also make sure your comfortable in your own home.

With personalized solutions, emergency availability, and expert training, we make plumbing one less thing you have to worry about.

So be sure to chime in on our picks for plumbing memes and give us a call if you want to work with plumbing professionals who care. We promise to start your new year right with top plumbing services.

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