Save Money on Your Water Bill with This Helpful Guide

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Get your 2018 off on the right foot by developing a plan that will help you to save money all year long. We are talking of course about how you can reduce your homeowner bills. To do this, you should focus on your variable costs, like your electricity, heat, and water. A great place to start is with your water bill because, with little effort, you can get big rewards.

It’s all about being aware of how you use water and finding ways that you can conserve. Once you adopt this habit, the savings will roll in. Here is what you need to know about water conservation in Pearland, TX.

Take Your Car to the Carwash

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It’s important to have a clean car, but when you are trying to conserve water, washing your car at home is unwise. You end up wasting a great deal of water while that hose runs.

On top of that the cleaners and chemicals that you use just wash away down the driveway and can contaminate your local water source.

Avoid the extra cost and be more environmentally friendly by taking your car to the carwash instead.

Inspect Your Home for Leaks

Man and woman discovering leak in home

If your time is money, then your time is well spent locatingĀ plumbingĀ leaks. The EPA estimates that simply by staying on top of plumbing leaks, the average homeowner can reduce their bills by 10 percent over a year.

What would you do with that extra money? Inspect your plumbing every month and be vigilant for signs of leaks. Watch for pooling water, mold growth, moisture on the pipes, an unexplained increase in water bills and low water pressure.

Greywater for Your Plants

Plant getting watered

Greywater is water that you’ve already used for cooking or cleaning. The soap residue isn’t fit for consumption, but it is ok for your plants. To help your plants out, use eco-friendly or natural cleaners. Don’t store the water for too long.

Get in the habit of reserving your cooking liquid or dishwater when you are done washing up.

Shower vs. Bath

Shower hose spraying water

Which do you like better? Shower or bath? The answer to that really depends on how keen you are to save money. A bathtub requires about 70 gallons to fill.

A shower uses about 2.5 gallons of water a minute. So if you take even a 10-minute shower, which really is long, all things considered, you’ll still use a fraction of the water. It’s much cheaper to take a shower for sure.

Want to max out your savings at home? Put in eco-friendly plumbing fixtures that help reduce water waste, like dual flush toilets, motion-activated faucets, and low flow showerheads.

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