Granite Countertops and Sink Installation

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How to Install Granite Countertops & a New Sink

Thinking about adding a new stone countertop and sink to your kitchen? Homeowners in Pearland, TX who are wondering about this type of upgrade should understand how such a project works. Materials like granite are known to be expensive and difficult to handle. You only get one shot at getting it right when fitting your kitchen plumbing features.

It's crucial to find a reputable company which will take every precaution to help with installation. We're here to help those seeking advice on how to approach this project. Here's how best to conduct granite countertop and sink installations.

Ensure Countertop Measurements Are Right

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One of the most critical steps of the installation process is making sure your measurements are correct before cutting the granite. If you're off by fractions of an inch, you may have to start over again, which is neither time- nor cost-effective.

The size of the cuts will largely depend on the type of sink you buy. Sinks with a top-mounting design are placed on the counter, and they will require a hole that is smaller than the rim.

Those with an undermount design will fit into a hole that matches the dimensions of the sink. If you purchase a sink without pre-cut spaces for faucets or taps, you will have to measure and cut your own. All measurements must be accurate to complete the job on budget and on-time.

Find a Sink That's Best for Your Kitchen

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Any sink you buy will need to fit within the amount of space available while also being able to perform its function. Choose a sink that suits your needs but is not so big that the granite will be exceedingly difficult to cut and fit.

Don't forget you will need extra space if you're purchasing sink features, like water spouts and taps, separately. You will find a bounty of plumbing options at any major hardware store, so take your time to pick out a sink that's right for your home.

Get in Touch with a Plumber Who Can Help

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Homeowners should always contact a professional to assist them with granite countertop and sink installations. It's a project that requires special tools not made available to regular consumers.

Trying to perform this task yourself without the right help and tools will not only be hard but even dangerous.

A kitchen plumbing specialist will have the equipment and experience to do the job safely and properly. They may also offer you a warranty to replace your countertop if any mistakes happen during the project. Rest assured your kitchen upgrade will be completed correctly.

To request a consultation with a plumber servicing Pearland, Friendswood, Alvin, League City, and surrounding areas, call (281) 815-2322 now.

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