5 Bad Toilet Habits You May Not Realize You Have

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There is a ton of misinformation available online, from your mother, and even from ‘reliable’ sources like the professionals at home improvement stores. No matter the industry, there is a high chance that you might find a piece of bad advice.

Now, don’t get us wrong, the advice-givers mean well, but the information they have is simply incorrect. Think of childcare, for instance--everyone has a different idea of what is best for the child but as a parent, you know your little one best and ultimately understand what they need.

Oddly enough, the same can be said for multiple items in your home, including your toilet plumbing, We’re going to talk about some of the incorrect information that is spread about your toilet habits as well as the best way to fix them. 

Toilets Aren’t Indestructible


No one has perfect habits when it comes to their toilet, and usually, this is because they don’t know any better. Take a look at 5 bad behaviors to change before you damage your toilet and piping:

  • Bad habit #1: Flushing garbage down the toilet. Other than waste and toilet paper, nothing should be flushed down your toilet. This includes feminine products or baby wipes that claim to be flushable, as well as clumps of hair from your brush
  • Bad habit #2: Flushing grease down the toilet. Your mother told you not to drain cooking grease in your sink, but she never said anything about the toilet. This doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Liquid grease may seem to flush easily but can quickly build up, causing clogs and eventually bursting the pipe
  • Bad habit #3: Using the wrong tools to fix a clog. If your toilet is clogged or overflowing, use a plunger. If the plunger can’t solve the issue, call a plumber. Don’t resort to a drain snake or auger because you can damage your pipes.
  • Bad habit #4: Flushing just once. Just because you flush your toilet and the waste goes away, it doesn’t mean that a second flush isn’t needed. Sometimes a toilet will not push debris far enough into pipes and over time can cause your toilet to overflow. The easiest fix for this is to flush multiple times during your time in the restroom.
  • Bad habit #5: Neglect. Ignorance isn’t bliss- finally, the last and possibly worst toilet habit is ignoring potential problems. Should you notice that your toilet isn’t flushing at the same speed, is making noises, isn’t filling, or is filling too much, call a plumber--don’t ignore it!

Don’t Damage Your Toilet

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The above bad habits can cause irreparable damage to your toilet and pipes. As pipes become clogged, the water pressure can build and actually cause leaks or the entire area around to burst. If you continually flush garbage or grease, ignore problems, and use incorrect tools, you may find yourself in need of a new toilet or extensive repairs to your pipes.

The True Cost of Neglecting Your Toilet

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It may sound repetitive, but choosing to ignore a problem with your toilet will end up costing you money.

Toilet problems do not simply go away without assistance. Choosing to fix the problem yourself can end up being an expensive choice because of tool rental, the time needed, and potential errors.

Obviously, avoiding damage to your plumbing equipment is ideal but if you have an issue, opt for a professional repair. You will find that the sooner you call, the less damage is done, and the less expensive your repair will be.

If you are in need of toilet repair or clog removal in Clear Lake City or any of the surrounding areas, please don’t ignore the problem. Take a minute to call Epic Plumbing at (281) 815-2322. We would love to help get your bathroom back in working order!

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