Save Money AND the Environment With These Tips

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Humans do a lot of things to mistreat our planet. While we don’t have much direct control over the deforestation of the Amazon or the air pollution in China, there are some things that we can do in our own homes to help the environment. Small steps can have a large impact if we work together.

Water conservation is an easy way to save energy and reduce pollution. Plus, using less water saves you money! Let’s look at a few easy ways that you can upgrade your bathroom plumbing to save money AND the planet by reducing your water usage.

Opt for Low Flushing Toilets

Low flushing toilet

You might be surprised at the amount of water you use each time you flush a toilet. Multiply that amount of water by the number of people who live in your home, your neighborhood, or your state, and suddenly you have a LOT of wasted water.

Low flushing toilets are a smart, economical and environmental solution. Essentially, low flush toilets use less water in each flush than older models. Old toilets used up to 7 gallons of water with each flush, but modern toilets can use as little as 1.6 gallons.

If you want to be even more frugal with your water use, you can choose a fixture with dual-flush modes. Solid waste uses 1.6 gallons, but you can use an even smaller flush for liquid waste.

Some of the original low flush toilets weren’t very effective and required two flushes to adequately remove waste, which obviously didn’t reduce water use. However, design upgrades like smaller pipes increase water pressure in newer models for a more efficient flush.

Consider Shower Faucet Upgrades

Leaking faucet

Did you know that showers are the second highest water user in a home? If you have a leaky shower, it can rival the top user of water in your home – toilets. Even a small leak can add up quickly over time, so it’s prudent to address the problem as soon as you discover it.

When you replace a drippy shower head, consider choosing a water-efficient fixture. Companies sell a variety of faucets that have a lower water flow than older versions. Showerheads usually have a rating to show how many gallons of water flow out per minute.

Any fixture that uses two gallons-per-minute or less is energy efficient. You probably won’t notice much of a difference while you shower, but you’ll soon see a difference in your water bill. Every dollar that you shave off your bill is a boon to the environment because you’re using less energy to heat and treat your water.

Repair Pipe Leaks Quickly

Pipe leak

As we mentioned, tiny drops of water can add up to gallons of waste each day if you don’t repair them. We use water all over our homes, and each spigot is a potential source of waste.

Even if you don’t see the water damage from a leak, you could still have fixtures that are running inefficiently. An easy way to check for leaks in your home is to check the number on your water meter and then refrain from using any water for a few hours.

If your meter has gone up in those hours, you probably have a leak. A professional will check all of your bathroom plumbing, your kitchen, laundry, and outdoor faucets to find the source and fix it.

Fixing leaks saves money by reducing your water bill and eliminating the chance of costly water damage repairs in the future. Your wallet will doubly thank you!

Check for Water Waste

Pay attention to water usage in your household. You don’t have to upgrade all of your plumbing to make noticeable changes, even small adjustments like taking shorter showers with a more efficient fixture can have a significant impact.

If you share your strategies with your friends and neighbors, you’ll multiply your positive impact. If you’d like to have a professional from Epic Plumbing check your plumbing for inefficiencies, schedule an appointment today!

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