Smart Plumbing Tips to Start The School Year Right

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When the back to school rush starts in August, plumbing may not be on everyone’s mind. Buying backpacks, new clothes, and meeting teachers is the usual go-to when thinking of this stressful time. Just a bad haircut can ruin the first day of school, but so can a plumbing emergency.

Having basic knowledge of a plumbing system that includes piping, drainage, and appliances can help divert some of these emergencies from happening. This is why it’s time for the masses to be educated in their plumbing systems, and on how to spot problems before they occur!

Raising Piping Layout Awareness

Pipe system

The laws of nature and physics play a big role in everyone’s piping system. Without things like gravity, pressure, and water levels, getting clean water would not be possible. There are two divisions in a piping system, and these two systems can never cross.

Additionally, most pipes are made of copper, cast iron, PVC, or PEX; which is not as important as people think. The first system is the water supply system. This is what brings in the water from the source (whether from the city/town or well). Then, pressure helps the water move up from the basement and into the faucets and toilets of a house.

Shut off valves are components of the supply system; they allow homeowners to shut off the water to a specific fixture or appliance. The second system is the drainage system. This is how dirty water and waste is removed. Gravity and pressure are again both used to help the waste travel to its destination, whether that's a sewer or a septic tank. 

How Kitchen Plumbing Works

Kitchen plumbing is a great example of how a piping system works. As was mentioned, the materials that pipes are made of do not play as big a role as one would think, when talking about HOW plumbing works. 

A Kitchen Sink’s Process 

A supply line is in charge to take water up to the faucet, and the water going down the drain is taken to a sewer via drainage.

If for example, a pipe is not at the correct angle, gravity and pressure may not be enough to force the water to where it needs to be. Unfortunately, this will eventually cause an issue with clogs.

Drain Lines Are Important

Plumber working under a sink

So, after covering how water comes through the supply line and out of the faucet. It’s time to take a look at the drainage pipes; because they are actually more complicated.

The drainage system in a house (which is also called a drain-waste-vent system) is imperative for the well being and health of everyone. From a basic standpoint, draining systems take all of the waste and dirty water from toilets, sinks, and showers to the sewer/septic tank.

The two components aiding the drainage system are vent pipes and traps. Traps are the S-shaped pipes placed under a kitchen sink. They are used to accumulate a level of water that will act as a barrier. This barrier then prevents excess gas from the sewer from building up at any house.

Vents work the same way for the most part. They are there to safely release harmful gases from the sewer, but they also work to help build up pressure so that the waste will make it to the sewer and septic tank seamlessly. Both of these components help the overall drain system.

Once the waste has been flushed or has gone down the drain, it eventually makes it to the main sewer line. Main sewer lines are usually outside of the house to keep smells away. However, it’s important to keep trees and other plants away from the area that the sewer lines run, in order to avoid any roots causing damage. 

More Information on Epic Plumbing

Knowing how a plumbing system is set up can help people spot problems before they occur. This is especially important when doing remodels in a bathroom or a kitchen. This is why trusted professionals like Epic Plumbing are needed in household areas, where leading technology is required. Ready to help the people of Pearland, TX their services will always leave every plumbing system in top shape.

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