Chemical Drain Cleaners: Good Or Bad?

Picture of Chemical Drain Cleaner

Frequently experience slow drainage? But then you pour that nifty bottle of chemical drain cleaner down your drains and poof, your problem is resolved. Not for long though, right? Whether its weeks or months later, you are back where you are right now, watching water pool at the basin of your sink as you reach for that bottle of drain cleaner once again. This cycle is toxic in more ways than one.

When it comes to the average store-bought drain cleaner, they are jam-packed with hazardous chemical compounds. And, these compounds do more harm than good. Here’s why it’s time to close the curtain on your chemical drain cleaning era:

Your Indoor Air Quality Is Compromised

As soon as you twist that cap off of your drain cleaning solution, fumes carrying high levels of chemicals are released into your home. When exposed to these toxins repeatedly, they can cause respiratory distress, ocular irritation, and mucous membrane harm. All of which can lower your immunity, further compromising your health during the current pandemic.

If you are unwavering in your ways and insist on using drain cleaners, it is imperative that you have adequate ventilation. Open windows when using your drain cleaner and make sure to leave them ajar for a while after you complete your DIY drain cleaning.

You’re Putting Yourself In Harm’s Way

Sulfuric acid can cause severe skin burns if it comes in contact with your body. And, the average drain cleaner has traces of this dangerous compound in its solution, as this chemical effectively burns through clogs in your pipes. However, any splash back, spillage, and other related accidents were to occur, you can become seriously injured. With almost 3,000 drain cleaning injuries per year, this is a valid concern. Leave the clog removal to the professionals.

You Are Jeopardizing Your Plumbing

Chemical drain cleaners can corrode your plumbing. As they are made up of many abrasive solutions, these harsh ingredients take out everything in their path, including your piping. Pouring these toxic chemicals down your drain can, over time, eat through your piping, causing detrimental leaks, cracks, and damages. Practice professional drain cleaning and your plumbing systems will last longer!

Avoid these implications by contacting Epic Plumbing at (281) 815-2322 for professional drain cleaning. We are here to solve your plumbing problems during these challenging times.

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