Handy Tips & Tricks For Connecting A Refrigerator

Kitchen plumbing

A refrigerator does a lot of work in a home, but most of the time, it just “sits there,” quietly keeping food frozen or chilled until people need it. As quiet and as reliable as a refrigerator can be, it’s often surprising to homeowners how much work is involved in getting a new fridge to replace an older model in the home.

Of course, there’s a lot of sheer physical work involved in just getting an old fridge out and putting in the new replacement. But beyond that, especially for fridges with water features, there’s a bit more to a proper installation than just setting it in place and plugging it in. If you have a new fridge, you might need to connect it to your kitchen plumbing as well, and here’s how you do that.

Updating Feature-Filled Fridges With Water Dispensers

Water dispenser

Today’s more high-end fridges can accept glasses or even pitchers and fill them with chilled water whenever you like.

The reason they’re able to do this because they have a direct connection, via a flexible pipe, to the cold water line somewhere in your kitchen

If the new fridge you’re moving in is replacing a similarly high-end model, this makes for an easier time. The reason for that is a lot of the work has already been done.

There’s a transition connector in place at some accessible water pipe, and it may already be connected to a flexible water pipe. All you have to do now is take that same pipe, or a new one if you want to get a fresh start, and ensure that the other end is properly secured to your new fridge. Just test it out with a glass of water, and enjoy!

Using An Ice Dispenser When There’s No Connection

Ice maker

Another thing you can do with a kitchen plumbing connection take that water that’s coming in and have it frozen into ice.

No more needing to fill up a tray, stick it in the freezer and wait several hours to chill your drinks, just stick in your glass, hit the dispenser and the ice is ready to go.

Of course, if your new fridge has an ice cube dispenser, but if the old fridge had no water features at all, you’ll need to make that connection to your kitchen plumbing.

First, you’ll need to find an appropriate cold water pipe to use for this connection point. You may either drill under your floor to a nearby pipe, or pick one of your existing water fixtures.

Once you know which pipe to use, you’ll need a copper transition connector as the part to install, and tools like pliers, Teflon tape and a propane torch. Shut off the water at the pipe, cut away an area of the pipe and use the tape and torch to install and solder in the new transition connector, then plug the flexible water pipe into it. It’s an extensive procedure, but it can be done.

Ask For Professional Assistance

Plumber fixing refrigerator

You might not be confident about undertaking this type of work in your Pearland, TX home, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If you want a professional job, with reliable, quality results, then just bring in an experienced, certified plumber to do this job for you! No fuss, no muss!

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