Is Your Main Sewer Line In Trouble?

Picture of Drain

When it comes to the state of things right now, a little extra TLC can’t hurt. Especially when it comes to your plumbing system. With stay-at-home orders lasting way longer than anticipated, we are all putting new pressures on our home plumbing networks. And, with this increase, stressors can lead to breakdowns. That’s why we here at Epic Plumbing are educating you all on the signs and main indicators that your sewer line is veering towards a malfunction.

Here are the telltale signs you are headed towards breakdown:

Low Water Levels

If you notice inconsistent water levels in your home’s toilets, your sewer system may be affected by a clog. Blockages will need to be removed by a professional plumber, as locating the clog and accessing it takes training and finesse. Once the clog is removed, your water levels should return to normal.

Sewer cleaning is the best way to resolve a clogged sewer line. This will ensure that not only your clog is removed, but also that your line is spick and span. Any additional accumulation of grease and oil will also be cleared out. Not to mention, this process will prevent corrosion down the line.

Foul Odors

If you are smelling sewage in your home, your sanitary line may be cracked. Your sewer line is supposed to be completely airtight, so if you are smelling unsavory odors, it is likely that this seal has been compromised. If sewage is wafting into your home, contact a professional plumber ASAP.

Slow Drainage

Ending your showers in a pool of ankle-deep water? Washing your hands and leaving a sink full of water behind? Your mainline may be clogged. When your sewer network has a blockage, the water within your plumbing system can no longer flow freely. And, with nowhere to escape, your wastewater will begin to back up. This can first peer its ugly head in your lowest drain. You will notice bubbling or pooling water. These symptoms are typically onset by tree root infiltration, cracks in your piping, or a misaligned piping connection. A video inspection will help locate the origin of your sewer line issue.

Wet Spots

A sewer line leak can manifest as a patchy lawn. If you notice unusually lush areas, your sewer line may be fertilizing parts of your lawn. This can be the result of a sewer line leak, a clog in your drain field, a faulty septic pipe, or a fractured mainline. These malfunctions all lead to uneven grass patches. So, if you have an atypically green lawn, you’ll likely need pipe repairs.

Mold Growth

A broken sewer line will increase the humidity within your home, as sewer lines leak warm fluids. And, humidity breeds mold. When levels skyrocket, your environment becomes susceptible to mold spores. If you sense an increase in humidity, check your floorboards for any questionable looking spots. Musty odors are also an indication of mold presence in your space. You will need to have your mold addressed and your sewer line repaired to restore a healthy home.

Rodents & Insects

Noticing more and more creepy-crawly friends in your home? If there is an increase in rodents and insects in your space, a crack in your sewer line may be the cause. With the added humidity this malfunction produces, your home becomes an ideal environment for these animals and insects. Have your sewer line professionally restored to stop the warm fluids from affecting your home humidity.

For your sewer line repairs, contact your local experts here at Epic Plumbing at (281) 815-2322. We are continuing to practice the CDC recommended guidelines to ensure the safety and health of both our clients and our technicians.