Plumbing Tips for New Homeowners

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The excitement of being a first-time homeowner is a great feeling. Painting rooms, purchasing new furniture, and planning will keep you busy turning a house into a home. Homeownership comes with more than décor, though. It comes with the responsibility of maintaining the inner-workings of the house.

From cooking and doing dishes, to showering or watering your lawn, one of the biggest things your home relies on is your plumbing system. Developing a set of skills to keep things running smoothly through your pipes is essential, so we’ve come up with a list of things new-homeowners should keep in their knowledge toolbelt.

Tip #1: Be on the Lookout for Leaks

A leak is more common than you’d think, and it is important to keep an eye out for them. Regularly check likely leaky spots throughout your home so you can catch any small ones in their tracks before they become a bigger problem.

Some signs you may have a leak are:

  • Higher than usual water bills
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Mold growth

Tip #2: Know Where Your Main Water Shutoff Valve is Located

While we hope you won’t experience them, it is important to be prepared in the event of a plumbing emergency like a leak. If you have a leak, you need to shut off your main water valve as soon as possible. Look in your basement or crawl space and locate the valve so you’re ready to go when it’s time to prevent gallons of water from filling your home!

Tip #3: Take Care of Your Drains

Clogged drains are one of the most common home-plumbing issues. So it is essential to know how to properly care for drains and avoid backups.

How to Unclog a Drain

If your bathroom sink or shower seems to be draining slowly, it is likely that there is something backing them up. While liquid drain cleaners are readily available on the store shelf, we do not recommend them for drain clearing. The chemicals in drain cleaners can cause more damage and corrode your pipes over time and can be harsh to breathe in.

Using a drain snake, pull out any accumulated hair that may be causing the clog. Then pour a mixture of warm water, vinegar, and baking soda down the drain. The reaction from the vinegar and baking soda will break down any obstructions in the pipe, helping the water flow more freely.

Preventing Clogs

To avoid having to dwindle your supply of baking soda every week, you can install a catch-all or drain screen in your shower. A catch-all sits inside your drain, catching hair as soon as it enters. A drain screen sits on top, preventing it from ever entering the drain. When the trap is full, simply empty the contents into the garbage.

Tip #4: Know Your Kitchen Sink

While the garbage disposal is an amazing addition to your kitchen, it is often used incorrectly. The disposal should not be used as a second trash can. Instead, use it to catch scraps of food here and there rather than to dump your leftovers.

Also, avoid putting the following items down the drain:

  • Grease
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Bones
  • Eggshells

Tip #5: Find a Reliable Local Plumber

Not every issue can be solved with the skillset the average homeowner has. A burst pipe, gas line repair, repiping, or new fixture installations are big jobs that require training and extensive knowledge.

This is why one of the most important steps when preparing your home for plumbing emergencies is to find a good plumber. That is where Epic Plumbing comes in. Our plumbers are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and ready to take on any plumbing need you may have.

Give us a call at (281) 815-2322 for any of your plumbing needs in the Pearland, TX area or schedule your appointment online.

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